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Basic Information about an Electric Garage Door Opener

It's very important for a household with at least one car to have a garage. This additional area of your house will prove not only extremely convenient but it will also provide your car security and safety. Probably the most successful way to improve the usefulness of your garage is to install the proper garage door opener in it. Don't be afraid of spending a great sum of money on it as this will be a really good investment.

If you haven't decided on the choice of a garage opener for you, it's highly recommended to consider purchasing an electric garage door opener. This magnificent device has a specially designed driver that can easily and quickly open and close the door. And this can be done with no need to go out and in of your vehicle.

It's interesting to know that electric garage door openers were invented in 1926, in Hartford City, Indiana, by C. G. Johnson. Since then garage door openers have gone through a serious evolution not only in terms of design but also material.

Most of garage door openers function on the mechanisms of tensile strength and springs. Usually, these devices are motorized being attached to the doors. Due to it these openers which use the tensile strength with the help of which the door is raised and lowered down.

A greater number of grown-up popularity thinks that electric garage door opener uses electricity to function, that is to raise the door but it is not actually the complete truth. In reality, the electricity is only used when it comes to operating the garage door. in this way, the electric garage door opener gives the owner an opportunity to control the width of the door's opening and closing, this is due to the electric motor. Thus, this motor determines the distance of the garage door's opening and closing by increasing and decreasing the power when it needs to do so. The latter signal is received from the remote control. Such an easy feature gives a wonderful opportunity to control the door.

Probably, the main component of any garage door opener is the springs which are constantly are subjected to extremely high tension in this way providing the opener with the power to lift the door. The springs in an electric garage door opener are of two basic types: tension springs or extension springs. The latter ones function according to the principle of contraction and expansion due to which the door is raised and lowered down. On the other hand, tension springs are located on the opener's header and are wound up in a coil. Due to the tightness, these springs can resist greater tension and thus offer more lifting power. This makes tension springs suitable for the usage on double door garages where extension springs prove to be too weak to raise this type of the door.

In addition to the springs, an electric garage door opener also includes an electric motor and a power unit. Both of these components are attached to a horizontal or vertical track in the garaged door opener in which a trolley goes back and forth making the door open and close. The trolley slides along the track that is guided by a screw belt, or a chain, depending on the type of motor used in the opener.

Summing up, it's necessary to say that the electric garage door opener is a very efficient type of openers appreciated by millions of garage owners today. It is located above the door near the back of the garage itself. It can be operated with the help of switches or a remote.

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